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Published By Thomas & Mercer

Publish Date: September 9, 2014


Kindle, US Free

The Academy

Quitting her job as a high school science teacher to join the Seattle Police Department was an easy decision for Tracy Crosswhite. Years earlier, what should have been one of the happiest days of her life instead became her worst nightmare when her younger sister, Sarah, disappeared. After the murder trial, while her family disintegrated, Tracy turned her heartbreak and her lingering questions into a passion for justice.

But people don t just become world-class detectives. If Tracy wants to uncover the truth about what happened to her sister, first she must be forged in the fires of the Police Academy, where not everyone wants her to succeed. 


"What would motivate a high school chemistry teacher to become a homicide detective? 

The Academy, an exciting prequel to Robert Dugoni's book, My Sister's Grave, answers that question. My Sister's Grave is a new series featuring Tracy Crosswhite, due to be released November 1; but first, in The Academy, Tracy must overcome the obstacles placed in her path to become a police officer."
- Review from reader


...and possibly her own worst enemy - time will tell

"Tracy Crosswhite joins the police academy hoping to join the force so she can work her way up the chain of command, make homicide detective, and hunt down her sister's killer. She is immediately challenged by one of the old guard detectives, a male chauvinist pig in both senses of the word. Their conflict isn't new, but in Dugoni's hands the characters are fresh and the conflicts feel visceral. Tracy is the type of heroine you might find in Greek tragedy: determined, persistent, and possibly her own worst enemy - time will tell. I look forward to reading more."
- Review from reader



"Well done. An aggressive female with a goal. But an unagressive shorter female less skilled. I have to think about that. Prequel too limited to come to an accurate conclusion about the difference."
- Review from reader


A Thought-Provoking Prequel

"An excellent bit of backstory for those of us who can't wait to read MY SISTER'S GRAVE, but also just fine as a self-contained examination of the prejudices and difficulties faced by women in male-dominated professions. I look forward to spending more time with Tracy Crosswhite, a protagonist I can root for."
- Review from reader



"Tracy Crosswhite is my new hero! This book is engaging from the first word, and builds from there. I have read many free books but only purchase more by the author rarely. I immediately preordered the next book. It's that good!"
- Review from readerI LOVED THE WRITING!

"Haven't yet read my sister's grave but WOW what a prequel to a kick ass character. I loved the writing, the struggles and the overall cast of characters. Can't wait to purchase and start reading the next book!"
- Review from reader



"Two of the women in the police academy have to deal with one arrogant guy,which adds to the story. It is interesting to learn some of the requirements to pass the academy. Yes, I really liked this short story."
- Review from reader

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